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Bank Reconciliation

The module that eases the hassle of balancing your bank statements each month.
  • B/R Files
    • Bank Account File.
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      • Records information about each of your bank accounts.
      • Unlimited number of accounts.
      • Detailed history of all transactions.
      • Annual and period histories.
      • Detailed history of each statement received from the bank.
      • Working balance feature allows prediction of account balance as the bank processes transactions.
      • Unlimited number of notes for each account.
    • Bank Reconciliation Transactions File.
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      • Used to enter transactions that are not posted in from other portions of the software, like service charges and interest accrued.
      • Unlimited number of Transacions
      • Transactions may also be posted to the General Ledger.
    • Statement Reconciliation File.
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      • Used to reconcile a statement received from your bank.
      • Unlimited number of accounts.
      • Unlimited number of transactions per account.
      • Fast and easy-to-use user interface.
      • On-the-fly totals help to track progress and spot errors.
      • Missing transactions may be entered during reconciliation.
      • Bank Charges and interst accrued may be entered during reconciliation and posted to the General Ledger.
  • B/R Reports.
    • Bank Account Transaction History Report.
      • Prints a history of transactions over a specified date range.
      • Users may specify the types of transactions to be printed.
      • Transactions may be filtered by transaction date, document number, transaction key, transaction source.
    • Statement Reconciliation File Edit List
      • Prints information for each statement that is being reconciled.
      • Prints the total number and total amount of credits and debits along with break-downs by transaction type.
      • Prints each transaction recociled on each statement.
  • General Features.
    • Supports many transaction types: A/P checks, pay checks, credits, withdrawals, interest owed, transfers, service charges, deposits, debits, and interest paid.
    • Interfaces with Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, and General Ledger
    • User-defined credit and debit total labels allow the information presented in the software to match the bank statements closely.