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Novaware Introduction

Charting a course through the vast world of computer technology is a dilemma faced by the senior management of every company today. Whether you're a CEO or Controller, you need to know what kind of computer accounting system will best serve the needs of your company. At Ware Unlimited, we offer you a solid foundation with the Novaware Accounting Software.

Novaware is the most innovative and flexible accounting software system on the market today. It's modular design has hundreds of practical features to save your business time and money by increasing productivity. You select only the modules that fit the focus of your company.

Once you have invested in the system, you will not be left on your own to tackle the complexities of implementing a computerized accouting system. Novaware includes free maintenance and support for one year. Maintenance and support contracts are available for the following years.

Take a minute to review the powerful features found throughout the system, then browse through the literature on each module to discover what problems Novaware can solve for you and your business. It will change your image of what an accounting system can really do.